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What we do


Accounting Services

Our team of qualified Accountants can assist to strategically map out your business financial activities for the foreseeable future through budgets, cash flow projections & detailed forecasted financial statements. We, Bitform Consultants, help entities of variegated business lines convey their business activities and financial performance to a set of Financial Statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) among other frameworks

Tax Services

It’s our team’ duty to help you analyse your financial situation from a taxman perspective with the end view of tax efficiency; that is, we use tax laws to reduce your tax payable in a legal manner that abides by the tax laws. Our tax expertise & vast knowledge ofZimbabwean tax regulations is exceptional benefit to our business associates and clientele.

Registration with ZIMRA

What we will do for you:

  • Inform you of all requirements needed registration.Write and/or fill out any application needed for registration with ZIMRA.
  • Assist to attain Bank Advice note (authorization from ZIMRA needed to open a company bank account for the first time in Zimbabwe).

 Submit the application on your behalf and do any follow-ups needed.  Provide you your BP number (a unique identity number issued to a member registered with Zimra) and a list of your tax obligations

Our team provides a means of tracking an organisation’s assets
whether fixed, moveable or both. This allows for physical
assets to be more easily and efficiently monitored, managed
and allocated.Asset tagging is the process of affixing tags or labels to assets to identify each asset individually and track data from real-time location to maintenance history. These tags can be assigned to both fixed and moveable assets that are spread across multiple sites and warehouses. Enabling businesses to achieve a holistic view of their owned assets.At Bitform, we design an asset tag tailored to the preferences of the client and capture information that include the company name, logo, asset code, and a barcode for tracking the asset. The tag will look like the draft below, and please note that the actual logo will be as per client specifications. 


Asset Tagging & Management Services

What Benefits do I get by using Bitform as my Business Consultant?

Experienced Professionals

Our team is comprised of experienced and skilled accountants, law experts and business consultants who have a genuine desire to help businesses in Zimbabwe

Knowledge & Expertise

Combined with our knowledge and experience gained both in making our company compliant and helping our clients do the same, we are positioned to give your business best needs.

Constant Legal Monitoring

The legal environment is constantly changing. This is why you need a team that’s constantly looking out for any changes that may affect your business. Our team does this.

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